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Miami Yacht Charters & Rentals | Luxury Florida Yacht Charters

​Luxury Florida Yacht Charters Miami

​Cruise Miami in


​Sit back, relax & Find a Yacht

​Miami Yacht Charters

Why Our Company is Different:

The one thing that sets our company apart from the competition is that we are your one stop shop throughout the yacht selection process. This is extremely helpful because you it will avoid the customer talking to more than one source for the duration of finding a yacht rental in Miami, Florida.

We have been doing this for years and we feel confident in every aspect when guiding you to find the perfect luxury yacht. To get started, fill out our discovery form so we can learn more about your needs!

Our ​Yacht Charter in Miami Options

​Miami Day​ Charters

​Our fleet runs deep! So much so, that you can choose between four (4) hour rentals and eight (8) hour rentals. Day trips can be an amazing adventure with friends, family or even business deals. Either way, you'll only deal with us, no one else!

​Miami Destination ​Charters

​Weekly charters require heavy focus and a strong attention to detail. That's why we have made the process so simple and easy for our customers. You only deal with us, there are no third parties during the selection process!

​Yacht Rentals in Miami, Florida

​Frequently Asked Questions

​​How Long Are Day Rentals in Miami?

What's the process of renting a yacht?

How do you charter a yacht?

Does a Yacht Charter Come With a Captain and Crew?

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Yacht for the Day?

How Much does a yacht charter cost?

​Our Special offer for Miami

​10% off

For a limited time, you can get an awesome discount up to 10% OFF on our ​​luxury Miami yachts. Be sure to download the coupon code using the button below, then have it ready when we set up a meeting.

​Instantly Redeem Below:

​What Our Miami Clients Have to Say

​David Steinberg

​Our business party is usually pretty big (around 12 guests) and this time the process was as smooth as it has ever been because of this company. Even my business clients were super impressed. Don't hesitate to fill out this form!

​Michael Longst

​We've been chartering yachts in Miami for years now and we just stumbled upon Rob. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have found him and he's our go-to guy now.

​Barry Alderez

​The best part about dealing with this company, is that I only talked to them throughout the process of finding a yacht in Miami. Rob did a fantastic job and I'm going with him from now on.

​Experience Luxury ​Living

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Luxury Florida Yacht Charters Miami

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401 Biscayne Boulevard Pier 5 Slip 42 Miami, FL 33132

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​Luxury Florida Yacht Charters

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A short description about who we are -

​​We're a team made up of former Yacht owners and we decided to use our expertise to help others through the selection process.

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Luxury Florida Yacht Charters Miami


401 Biscayne Boulevard Pier 5 Slip 42
Miami, FL 33132

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Email: ​hello@luxuryfloridayachtcharters.com


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